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Sound Recordist      Boom Operator

​Audio Engineer​


Joe Harris

Tel: +44 7751 076 579


     : /soundspeeduk

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A little about me...

I have a studio background but I found my true passion in the world of recording sound for vision, whether it's film, documentary, TV, corporate or anyone else who needs it!

​I am based in London but am always ready to pack my bags and grab my passport.

Born into an agricultural lifestyle, the course of my life would inevitably be influenced by the peace and solitude of the countryside. In an environment with such a low 'noise floor', and yet surrounded by a wealth of interesting sounds, it would have been hard not to become intrigued and passionate about the audible world. I swapped the shepherds crook for a boom pole and so began the journey to becoming a 'soundie'. . . .


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